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    No one knows the Federal Government better than we do

Service Offerings

Your Success is our top priority.
GSS knows that the needs of each company are unique, and since no one knows the Federal Government better than we do, we are prepared to offer a complete suite of service packages designed to help your organization take full advantage of our extensive knowledge, connections, and experience gained from countless years working with the Government, no matter what your current and future needs may be.

Our Services


From Generating Leads to Closing the Deal

We manage the entire sales cycle: generating and qualifying leads, connecting and meeting with IT decision makers, managing technical evaluations, and closing the sale.


Market Intelligence and Research

Internal research staff an extensive market intelligence and research survey, where we produce a full length federal sales playbook, designed to give organizations a step by step guide to succeeding in the government.


Federalize Your Marketing Materials

We federalize our clients’ marketing materials to address distinct federal priorities and conduct lead generating marketing campaigns and conduct thorough research to qualify opportunities and market placement for clients.

Coming Soon

In a continued effort to be the comprehensive solution to all your needs in government sales, we are continually developing new solutions and services to help companies like yours achieve success in the Government space.

Government Intelligence Database

We are currently developing a Government Intelligence database application, to provide on the go, real time information on the needs of the Government so you’re always prepared to meet with government professionals. Additionally, we are developing a Federal Sales Training program, catering to all levels of expertise, to train a higher caliber of government sales professionals.

More information coming soon…


Knowledge of the Process

We have a thorough understanding of the complex procurement process for government sales.

Networking Opportunities

We have extensive networks within the government agency community, which can open doors for your business.

Compliance Assistance

Ensure you're compliant with all relevant regulations and laws, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Market Intelligence

We can provide valuable market intelligence, such as information on upcoming contracts and current bids.

Save Time and Money

From generating the right leads to closing the deal, GSS does all the work, so you can focus on your business.

Strategic Planning

We help in developing a comprehensive sales strategy that will help you achieve your goals and grow.

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