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  • Marketing & Research Subscription

    Marketing & Research Subscription

    Identify and Qualify Opportunities in the Federal Space

Continuation of the Comprehensive Market Intelligence Report

This monthly Marketing & Research Subscription service is generally recommended as a continuation of the Comprehensive Market Intelligence Report. In this package, we offer full support from the Government experts on our marketing and research teams. These individuals will work to create federally directed marketing campaigns, including social media support, email blasts, “federalization” of current marketing materials, and support for new collateral or live events.

To compliment the branding and lead generation efforts created by our marketing team, our research professionals will identify and qualify opportunities in the federal space for our client to pursue. These will be sought out by utilizing our top-level contacts and unique positioning as “trusted advisors” to the Federal Government, and deep understanding of the developing needs of Federal agencies.

  • Evaluation – We will study current or past marketing campaigns and collateral and evaluate their potential success in the federal marketplace, and make suggested improvements to current collateral, as well as recommendations for future material.
  • Federalization – We “Federalize” our client’s marketing materials, ensuring that they are tailored to the language of the Federal Government.
  • Email Campaigns – GSS will conduct periodic direct email marketing campaigns, targeted at our vast database of reliable federal contacts for branding and lead-gen purposes.
  • Social Media Support – An evaluation of the Federal positioning of our client’s social media efforts will be conducted, and we will offer suggest content and copy for one federally directed social media post a week, which can be used across multiple platforms.
  • Identification of Opportunities – Utilizing our top level contacts in the Federal Government, will identify and qualify opportunities for you to pursue.
  • Introduction to Federal Executives – During our frequent meetings with top federal officials, we will introduce client’s solution to establish any potential opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the government vertical?

Size – The U.S. Federal Government is the largest technology custom in the world, with an IT budget for 2017 alone totaling over $100 billion, and seeing a consistently growing annual technology budget.

Stability & Growth – Our experience has shown a typical increase in repeat revenue upwards of 40% per year after entering the Federal space. Additionally, acceptance by one government agency increases the ability to reach other agencies.

Cost of Sales & Average Transaction Size – While transaction sizes can regularly be up to 10x the size of commercial transactions, the costs of sales was also less than 20% of the same commercial counterpart.

Why outsource your federal sales?

Sales Force Multiplier – Outsourcing provides a much larger coverage model with dozens of sales executives for much more complete coverage for less than the cost of one.

Representation by “A” Players – In addition to our depth of relationships across multiple agencies and Systems Integrators, all of GSS’ executives have closed substantial enterprise class deals. The ability to structure deals and close them quickly is one of our hallmarks.

Address Multiple Aspects of the Government Sales Process – Generally, most government groups won’t invest in all the necessary people to ensure success. At GSS, not only do we facilitate the sales process, we also provide marketing, research, and inside sales support, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Significant Cost Savings – While around 12 quota carrying personnel are recommended, many organizations attempt to start with one senior sales rep. Even when following this model, GSS represents a significant savings for organizations looking to enter the Federal market, which a much higher success rate.

What GSS is not:

Reseller or Fulfillment Shop – While GSS works well with these organizations, little to no demand creation is performed by resellers or fulfillment shops. GSS manages the entire sales cycle, including lead generation.

Systems Integrator – GSS works very closely with many SIs to provide the Government with a solution built around our client’s solutions. But, as a rule, SIs will not sell your product to the Government for you.

What GSS Is:

Summary – GSS is the largest and most experienced Government sales outsourcing organization, with nearly 15 years of experience helping technology companies like yours accelerate their sales and succeed in the Government space.

Advantages – GSS has the most experienced sales executives from the industry, all of which have the ability to secure more qualified meetings than anyone else. A fundamental tenet GSS has always obeyed is to provide genuine service to the government by providing information to the government, and thus they see us as a “trusted advisor”.

Performance – Our GSS Executives have generated over $600 million in revenue for our clients. Please contact us for specific examples, or see our Resources page.

Return Expectations:

When can I expect a closed deal – The Government is a very large place, and the pipeline for deals depends on our existing pipeline, contacts, and the current needs of the government, among other things. We have closed 7 figure deals in as little as 6 weeks, and had some multi-million dollars take as long as two years. It’s hard to assign a concrete number, but a generally accepted range is between 2 months to 2 years, with some concrete results or forecast in place by the 6 month mark.

How should I treat government deals  Think of government deals as something similar to large enterprise deals. They show much larger returns than your standard deal, but that also means that sometimes the deal takes longer to organize, and to close. But the size of the deal makes the investment of time and resources are well worth it due to the size of the deals.

Can I see a sample of closed deals – See our Resources section for a graph of sample deals, showing deal size in relation to the amount of time it took to close the deal. Click here to see our Sample Deals Graph.

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