Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Federal Sales to GSS

Every client of ours faced the same dilemma. Should they open an office in DC, hire a sales rep or two and try to build a federal sales group from scratch, or should they hire an experienced federal sales team with an extensive network of contacts and a history of federal sales success that could accelerate the sales process? Here are the top reasons why they chose to outsource their federal sales development to GSS.

Immediate deployment of a larger, more experienced sales team

Technology companies need to move fast. You can’t wait a year or two to build a sales pipeline. You need to drive sales now. GSS enables every client to hit the ground running, relying on a network of federal sales executives who average over 20 years of federal sales experience. We move fast to research and identify opportunities, get in front of decision makers and work the sale through its close.  

Access to C-Level Federal Executives

We’ve spent our entire careers cultivating relationships with the technology executives who are now responsible for driving federal technology decisions. Because we are known and trusted, we have access to key decision makers who simply don’t have the time to meet with new or unknown companies.

Network of Federal Contacts

Our network of federal contacts extends across every civilian agency, every branch of the military and every intelligence agency. Our personal relationships enable us to open doors and gain introduction to the project teams and managers who are implementing new programs and technologies across all levels of the government.

Partnerships with System Integrators

The federal government rarely makes any large technology purchase directly from the manufacturer. They typically buy integrated solutions that incorporate hardware, software and support services from one of the many DC area system integrators. These integrators provide essential contract vehicles that enable you to sell your technology without having to endure a lengthy competitive bidding process.

Gain “A” Level Sales Talent

Attracting “A”-level stales talent is hard for any company. Attracting “A”-level federal sales talent is exponentially more difficult because there are so few exceptional salespeople who have experience solely in federal sales. And it’s virtually impossible for any emerging technology company to afford “A”-level talent. They command base salaries in excess of $250,000 and typically earn total compensation in excess of $500,000. GSS provides an entire team of proven “A”-level sales executives who have spent an average of over 20 years selling to the federal market and have developed an extensive network of senior level executives and program managers that is nearly impossible to replicate.

Virtual research department and inside sales team

Having boots on the ground isn’t enough to generate federal sales success. Your sales reps will need lead generation support. GSS provides an internal research group that does nothing but uncover and pursue new federal sales opportunities. And they’re supported by an inside sales group that makes outbound calls to identify sales opportunities, confirm funding sources, identify contacts and schedule initial meetings.

Elimination of fixed payroll and benefit costs

A fully burdened federal sales rep will cost you more than $200,000 per year. On top of their average base pay of approximately $130,000, you’ve got to factor in their entire burden of taxes and benefits, their cost of recruitment and training, and the cost of providing office space and support. They’re expensive, with no guarantee that they’ll provide a positive ROI. We can maximize your likely return while minimizing the risk of long-term commitments. For less than the cost of a single fully burdened sales rep, GSS provides an entire team of sales executives, researchers, marketers, inside sales reps and day to day sales management.

Lower overhead costs

To sell to the federal government, you have to have a physical presence in the DC area. But you can keep your initial investment low by using GSS facilities and our office address until you’ve developed the recurring federal revenue stream that support your own federal sales force and open your own local office.

Intimate knowledge of federal procurement

Federal procurement rules appear arcane and complex to those who have never sold to the government. And a single misstep can destroy your margins and lock you into long-term pricing structures that are unsustainable. We know how to navigate the maze of procurement regulations to discover the fastest path to procurement.  

Accelerated sales process

If you’re just entering the federal market, we can act as your virtual sales team, rapidly identifying, qualifying and closing sales. If you already have a federal sales team, we can accelerate their success by making your deals bigger, better and close faster. Nobody can sell your product any faster.

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