GSS delivers a full spectrum of sales, research and business development services to satisfy the precise needs of our technology clients. Big or small. Experienced or novice. You get what you need to succeed.

Sales, Marketing, Research and Business Development Services


Federal Sales Outsourcing – Our experienced sales staff can take the lead on all of your federal sales activities. GSS provides complete transparency with all activities and meetings – the details of which are covered in regular sales calls and weekly reports – and pursue the sale from first contact to close.


Security Cleared Personnel – An enormous number of the government’s technical projects are classified, requiring all involved personnel to hold security clearances. GSS can provide technical personnel with range of security clearances and functions at an hourly or daily rate so that clients have access to secure facilities for meetings, demonstrations, installations and implementation.


Market Analysis and Projections – GSS will analyze the federal market potential for emerging technology companies pursuing early rounds of investment. Additionally, we will identify government projects and programs and their associated funding levels to formulate a three year projection of federal spending and the likelihood of consistent revenue opportunities.


Advisory Services – GSS’s optional advisory services match clients with highly experienced former government and industry executives. These individuals provide guidance on policy, agency need, and working with large systems integrators (LSIs). Services are provided on a monthly basis.


Research Services – Researching federal sales opportunities can be a time consuming activity that should be left to people other than your highly compensated sales team. GSS provides solutions that cover Market Research/Sizing, a bi-weekly newsletter that outlines intelligence gathered from our face-to-face meetings, will notify you immediately when we find an ideal opportunity for your technology.


Call Center Operations – GSS will provide an inside sales team using our databases of tens of thousands of contacts to contact federal decision makers and set meetings for your team.

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