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Is a GSA Schedule Enough To Generate Federal Sales?

The GSA Schedule provides a procurement mechanism for your products but does not guarantee any sales.

Working With Your Federal Sales Group

We’ve worked with many existing federal sales groups to increase their salees and close them faster. We can fill gaps in coverage, gain introductions to senior federal executives and accelerate your sales process.

What’s The Best Time to Pursue Govt Sales?

You need to be in the government space, no matter when you start. You can’t “time” federal sales to match budget or buying cycles. You just need to start. Now.

How Do Government Sales Differ?

There are virtually no similarities between commercial and federal sales. It’s essential to reach the right people – the federal decision makers – to launch your sales effort.

How Long Do Government Sales Take?

The federal government is the biggest client in the world, and building a sales pipeline takes time. However, once you’ve established a federal sales presence, the sales should accelerate.

What Is The GSS Methodology For Success?

We have a structured sales process that begins with an on-boarding checklist, federalizing marketing materials, training, account planning, identifying and prioritizing leads, and a detailed go-to-market plan.

How is GSS Different?

We’re not a consulting firm. We don’t tell you how to sell to the government, we do it for you. And our success is measured by one metric: closed sales.

What Can GSS Do For You?

We find government sales opportunities, build a sales pipeline and pursue each sale through close.

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