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GSS Teams Up With ScaleUP USA’s Federal Business Accelerator Program


GSS is proud to announce our new partnership with ScaleUP USA, the project of former CIO of the Department of Transportation. ScaleUP USA was established to help teach US businesses the proper way to begin selling to the federal government. This is a practice that we know very well, and have seen my private companies try and fail to establish a federal sales division. In fact, this is why Government Sales Specialists exists in the first place.

We believe that ScaleUP USA can provide an invaluable service to companies looking to break in to the federal market, and either are not an ideal candidate to be working with Government Sales Specialists, or in order to augment their federal sales education to help them better work with us as we develop their federal sales efforts, and ensure a greater degree of success.

ScaleUP USA provides a step by step guide full of tips and tricks that successful government sales organizations, such as GSS, are currently employing to gain business with the federal government, and to help them grow at unprecedented rates.

No matter if you are a start up, looking for a primer on the federal government, or if you are an organization with an established federal sales team and you want more in depth knowledge on the strategies and techniques that are used by seasoned professionals, ScaleUP USA has the solution for you with their Federal Business Acceleration Program.

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